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Live Control

Live Control

What is Live Control?

Live Control is Clanforge's web-based system to control your servers in real-time.

What can I do with live control?

Everything from viewing simple player lists to changing the current map. See the list on the right for more details »

What do you mean 'in real-time'?

Changes made in live-control take effect immediately, so changing the map or banning a player takes effect as soon as you issue the command.

Live Control can:

  • Start/Stop/Restart Control
  • Create & Apply Server Profiles
  • FTP Access1
  • In-depth Reporting and Statistics
  • Full User Management
  • Voice Server Control

1 Only for supported games.



Clanforge supports multiple settings profiles, so instead of having to reconfigure your server from scratch every time you want a different setup, you can save the changes to a profile and switch between them whenever you like!

You can even switch between profiles for different games on the same server and Clanforge will automatically handle shutting down the old game server and starting the new one up for you, with all your profile settings already loaded.

With profiles you can:

  • Fully customize your settings
  • Install your own maps, addons and config files
  • Edit your configs in the browser
  • Backup and recover your settings
  • Switch between multiple profiles


Clanforge keeps tracks of your server's performance and usage metrics to you can see what you server is doing at any time.

In the future, Clanforge will also provide you with the ability to track a wide range of statistics about your players, servers, tournaments and much, much more!

Access Control

Access Control

Clanforge allows you to share access to your control panel with other users, ideal for clans and friends to be able control the servers they play on together.

With Clanforge's access controls, you can control what features each user has access to, giving them as few or as many permissions as you like for maximum flexibility.

Access control lets you:

  • Add/Remove admins from your service
  • Customise what admins can do on your servers


Clanforge regularly backs up your server logs, settings and game-specific files such as Minecraft Worlds to ensure that when something does go wrong, you're never without your game for long.

Within live control you can restore files from backup or download them straight to your desktop.