Let us show you around...

ClanForge is designed from the ground up to make managing your server easy.

Configuring & managing game-servers can be a daunting task, but with our simple, quick interfaces, helpful support guides and 24/7 support team, ClanForge gives you the resources you need to easily setup your server how you want.

Below are interactive tours around some of the tools available for managing your server, so go take a look around!

Service Management View Tour »

  1. Whenever you need support, this is the number you quote when talking about your service. Clanforge also tells you about when your server is up for renewal so you never get surprised by a new payment.
  2. You can control who has access to your control panel and what level of access they have from here.
  3. Manage your service renewal, contact support or cancel your service from here.
  4. Manage your associated voice comms server or initiate upgrades to your service with these options.

This is the service panel. From here you can manage your account service and get access to the dashboards for the servers in it. You can also manage the users who can access your service, upgrade it or cancel it.

Server Lists View Tour »

  1. You can filter down your list of servers or group them by game or service.
  2. You can select multiple servers and start, stop or restart them all at once.
  3. Link quickly to your individual server control panel by clicking on a server and get instant access to useful information by hovering over it!
  4. Automatically setup any optional servers you may have on your service with a single click, such as free voice comms.

This is the servers list. From here you can get access to your server dashboards and quickly perform simple management tasks on multiple servers at once.

Access Control View Tour »

  1. Grant access to your service to other users, simply enter their multiplay account, choose an access level and add them to grant them access.
  2. You can grant different levels of access to each user, giving them the bare minimum they need to be able to see your service or full control of everything.
  3. You can always remove users from your access list at any time.

This is the users panel. From here you can manage access to your account service; adding, removing or changing the access rights of other users.

More tours coming soon...